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We are packaging problem solvers obsessed with results.

Axis Packaging, located in Greenville, SC, was created out of a determination to do packaging design differently.  Bottom line, we don’t want to be like every other packaging company you’ve worked with.  We understand that rarely is there a “one size fits all” in packaging design.   Therefore, at Axis Packaging, our team comes to work each day armed with experience.  Our people have over 50 years combined packaging industry – real-world – experience.  This is the team that has “talked the talk and walked the walk,” so to speak, in the packaging industry.

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We have been around long enough to know that packaging isn’t merely buying a roll of tape or a bundle of boxes at the lowest price.  As a result, we understand that packaging design, in its fullest sense, is a cornerstone of the success of a product. That’s why our team at Axis Packaging thrives on challenge.  Bring us into the trenches with you.  We will excavate your current packaging design process, and build a strategy that you can be confident in.

Axis Packaging Headquarters - Greenville, SC

Proudly calling Greenville, SC home

Axis Packaging is conveniently located in the heart of Greenville, SC, heralded by Forbes Magazine as “one of America’s Best Downtowns.” Greenville boasts of hundreds of restaurants, boutiques, beautifully curated parks, historical sites, and annual festivals.

We’re just off the I-85 corridor, nestled between Charlotte, NC and Atlanta, GA. Greenville is a thriving city located at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and our area is rich in natural resources and beauty as well as culture and innovation.

The Axis Packaging Team

Meet the people behind Axis Packaging


Geordy Davidson
Geordy DavidsonPresident

A native of Central Florida, Geordy Davidson is a Greenville, S.C.-based entrepreneur and packaging professional.

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John England
John EnglandGeneral Manager
John England manages daily operations and works closely with our entire team to provide useful packaging insight and direction.

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Cory Perry
Cory PerryMarketing/IT Director
Cory Perry thrives on seamlessly integrating marketing and sales to build successful data-driven relationships with prospects and customers alike.

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Stephen Schroeder
Stephen SchroederBusiness Development
Stephen Schroeder brings proven managerial experience to the table and excels at providing value to any packaging operation.

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Michael Schmitt
Michael SchmittBusiness Development
Michael Schmitt is a problem solver that delivers proven packaging solutions to customers across a diverse set of industries.

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Matt Channell
Matt ChannellBusiness Development - Chicago
Matt Channell brings fresh ideas, experience and a high energy approach to help his customers reach their packaging goals.

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Quinn Davidson
Quinn DavidsonProduct Specialist - Jacksonville
Quinn Davidson is a product specialist in the area of pallets, crates and lumber, and he delivers projects on time and within budget.

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