Axis Packaging acquires Jacksonville-based Strapping Products, Inc.

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Strategic expansion provides new services and capabilities to Axis Packaging customers.

Axis Packaging is excited to announce the acquisition of Strapping Products, Inc. located in Jacksonville, FL.

This acquisition brings Axis Packaging an established customer base in the Florida and Georgia markets, along with additional distribution capabilities and services via strapping products, strapping tool repair facilities, and strapping machine maintenance and repair.

“This acquisition is a strategic expansion increasing our capacity to deliver expedited services and accessibility to our customers.  Strapping Products, Inc. has long been a trusted packaging provider in the Jacksonville area.  This acquisition further strengthens Axis’ position in the services-based packaging industry.”
Geordy Davidson, President - Axis Packaging

The acquisition includes the addition of a complete team of sales, customer service, and service technicians, as well as an in-house tool and machine repair facility, warehousing and logistics space.

Axis Packaging now operates locations in Jacksonville, FL, Chicago, IL, and Greenville, SC, and will continue to expand through 2018 and beyond.

Axis Packaging will continue the Strapping Products, Inc. brand through March 2018, while transitioning to new, expanded warehouse facilities in the Jacksonville area. Once completed, it will then be folded into the Axis Packaging brand, while continuing the level of packaging services that SPI customers can expect.

About Strapping Products Inc.

Strapping Products, Inc, is a supplier of industrial strapping materials, strapping machines, hand strapping tools, and strapping tool service and parts. Strapping Products, Inc. supplies over 500 customers located in Florida, Georgia, and adjoining states, and was founded by Warren Geiger in 1983.


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