Three Packaging Trends of 2018

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2018 is already promising a forward packaging trend in health-conscious food labels,  and a look back at the vintage, a need for calm (ironic, I dare say), and a visitation of the movies that inwardly make each of us wish for superpowers.  So what else can we expect moving into the better part of 2018 for packaging trends?

Flexible packaging rises in notable packaging trends

This year, the focus in packaging is on sustainable packaging trends – developing a more circular economy.   A circular economy is defined as “a model that decouples economic growth from resource constraints.”  The idea is to see that materials function at their highest for longer, keeping them out of landfills.   It is built on three concepts:

  1.  First, product design features products made out of “waste”.
  2. The idea is second, to keep materials and products in constant use.
  3. Finally, regenerate natural systems.

You’ll find that with these concepts in mind, more product designs include paper, hemp, bamboo, glass, and other natural and/or organic products.

FDA to Monitor Labeling Requirements

The next packaging trend you can be sure to see more of is the rise of clean labels and health foods.  The idea is to yield increased ingredient transparency and accountability.  In addition, these label designs ensure maintained health choices by the inclusion of certain nutrients.  With this trend comes the rise of essentialism.  Essentialism is the design principle that works to give consumers just enough information to make a knowledgeable and confident purchasing decision.

Did you know?  37% of U.S. consumers find it important to understand ingredients on food labels while 91% believe that products with recognizable ingredients are healthier, and the rise in demand for organic food has fueled a more than 10% growth in this sector.”

Back in 2016, the FDA made some amendments to the current labeling laws.  These laws include 1)  a refreshed design, 2) the inclusion of updated information about nutrition science, and finally, 3) updated serving size requirements.  Dependent on manufacturer size, the law requires full compliance by July 26, 2018, through January 1, 2020.

Label example illustrating the before and after label requirements by the FDA.

Infographic illustrating the new label design and informative features.

Creative Packaging Designs

Hot on the packaging trends is reusable packaging and minimalism – providing just what consumers want and/or need.  This comes in varying forms, including standup pouches, reclosable bags,

Also on the agenda for this year are contemporary designs. You can count on seeing a lot more of products choosing simplistic designs,  feeding into the minimalistic trend of the day.  In addition,  doodles, movie references, vintage designs, photography and holographic effects will be prominent. Be on the lookout for vibrant colors as well as pastels moving forward!

Courtesy Siegenthaler &Co.

Mila Katagarova for Barncrofts of London.

Courtesy BrandHolic

Image courtesy of Packaging of the world

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