Packaging Guidelines for the 2017 Holiday Season

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It’s time to once again spread holiday cheer.

We thought these basic holiday packaging guidelines might come in handy as you prepare for this season of holiday cheer, and maybe a bit of holiday chaos.

1. Start with a sturdy corrugated box.

We recommend that you start with a new shipping box.  Any creases in your box may cause up to a 70% decrease in its effectiveness.  Try to keep the box close to the size that you actually need.  A box that is too large could result in too much space around your product and high shipping costs.  If you can place your product into the box and still have a couple of inches on either side of the box to fill with void fill packaging, you’re on the right track.

2. Void fill, void fill, void fill.

The 2017 holiday season shipping season promises to be one for the books.  Use these practices to ensure packing success:

  • Individually wrap each item you ship.  Think bubble wrap, kraft paper, newspaper, foam sheets, etc.  Make sure that you have enough cushioning around your products so as to ensure their safety.
  • Pack your heaviest products on the bottom.  This may seem elementary, but products may shift in transit.
  • Rewrap – and possibly double box – fragile items.
  • Fill any open space in your box.  Think more bubble wrap, air pillows, peanuts, newspaper, etc.  The void fill products will absorb any impact the box may be subjected to during transit.

3. Use a strong packaging tape.

Use a strong packaging tape. This part is just as important as the other steps, if not more so.   Think 3” carton sealing tape.  You want tape designed specifically for your corrugated box. Just a short PSA, products like string and office-style scotch tape are not your best bet for effective carton sealing.  To tape, create the letter H with the tape by taping across the center of the box, and then down the flaps to the seams on either side of the box.

4. Finally, label your box.

Your box should be free of all but your shipping label.   It is good practice to include both the destination address as well as a return address.


You are all set!  These holiday packaging guidelines should ensure the safe delivery of your holiday cheer this season! Good luck with that post office line, though.

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