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Custom Pallets and Crates

Engineered pallet and crate solutions designed specifically around your products and shipments.

Pallets are one of the primary building blocks in shipping efficiency.

Did you know that 80% of U.S. commerce is transported on pallets? Approximately 450 million new pallets are produced in North America every year. As such, pallets create the foundation for a successful and cost-effective supply chain.

At Axis Packaging, we take four main factors into consideration: function, strength, durability, and price when talking pallets. We’re committed to accurate and dependable pallet and crate engineering. Whether your need is stacks of stock pallets, or custom pieces strategically designed by our specialist, we can help. It’s what we do.

Evaluation during our packaging design process


Efficient palletization starts with evaluating your process and identifying your goals. We’re ready to listen, collaborate and implement a solution that you can count on.

Implementation of packaging consultation projects


Off-the-shelf solutions are rarely ideal. We use our knowledge, and experience, to focus on practical pallet and crate design that is tailored to the uniqueness of your products.

Validation in our packaging design process


Validation is crucial to overall success. Results matter, and so does your ROI. We validate every pallet design project with measurable data, testing and analysis to match intended results.

Wood, Pallet and Crate Solutions

Your shipping process relies primarily on three key elements: proper packaging, equipment to prepare and move your product, and …pallets. The pallet may appear insignificant to the big picture, but when you consider its distinctive role to effectively transport, it’s worth is irrefutable.

Anyone can sell you pallets for a few cents cheaper. It’s true. But have you also factored in the hidden costs of improper implementation, poor quality and probable load damage?

Regardless of your industry, or the type of pallet you’re in the market for – be it wood pallets, plastic pallets, or even customized pallets – Axis Packaging will dig in, evaluate, and provide you with a product uniquely suited to your application.

  • Custom Pallet and Crate Design

  • 3D Renderings and Samples

  • Cost and ROI Analysis

  • Structural Testing and Analysis

Axis Packaging is a proud member of The National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA) is the largest organization of wood packaging professionals in the world, with more than 670 company members in 28 countries who supply products and services to the packaging industry.

Axis Packaging is a member of The National Wood and Pallet Container Association

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