The Three Pillars of Packaging

//The Three Pillars of Packaging
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The Three Pillars of Packaging

We broke down the basic need for a company’s packaging into three categories ranked by importance; Packaging Emergencies, New Product Design and Packaging Cost Savings Opportunities.  Nearly all packaging decisions are made within these three categories.  From such, we devised the Axis concept of the Three Pillars of Packaging.

The Three Pillars of Packaging - Axis Packaging

1. Packaging Emergencies

A common scenario

This scenario happens more than you would like to admit to at your organization.  A shipment went out. Your customer received it damaged.  The packaging wasn’t sufficient enough to allow the product to arrive the way you intended.  No one likes packaging damage.  For that reason, Axis Packaging will take the scenario and review it in depth.  We will ask the critical questions to ensure proper packaging redesign.

  • Are you experiencing damaged shipments?
  • Does your organization have a hard packaging specification for outgoing shipments?
  • How is the package shipped (LTL, Truckload, UPS/Fedex)? Does this scenario ever change?
  • Are you utilizing the right type of materials for the product?
  • Have you had packaging testing performed on your shipments at an independent lab to verify your designs?

How we can help

Packaging damage is a common occurrence across organizations. What’s more, more often than not that damage equates back to improper analysis. Is packaging damage a repeat offender in your organization?  Our packaging consultation phase works to eliminate those issues.

Our team, through our many years of experience, can suggest a material-neutral design best fitted for your situation.  Most importantly, we will ensure that your products arrive at their destination in the same pristine state they left your facility.

2. New Product Design

Prepare for market

New products are the lifeblood of an organization.  Finding the time to properly design the packaging for those products, however, can offer a true challenge.  For that reason, our team of professionals at Axis Packaging wants to be an integral partner with you to help eliminate that pressure.  We will provide the proper packaging methods and materials needed for a successful product launch.  Let us help you answer questions such as:

  • How will this product be unitized and handled internally?  Single packs, multi-packs, machine loaded, hand loaded?
  • Is the product going to have a primary retail or B2B package?  A secondary or transport package?
  • Does this product have sensitive items that need special packaging like Anti-Static or Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors?
  • Are there environmental objectives, like reduction of plastics and/or foams, in designing the packaging?

How we can help

Early identification of the proper objective, handling, and delivery of the product is key to getting the most cost-effective and quality packaging design for your organization.

Consequently, we specialize in packaging design that visually enhances as well as protects your product all the way to the end customer.

3. Packaging Cost Savings Opportunities

Savings through efficiency

Inefficiency is a profit killer. Once your organization has handled the packaging emergencies and spent time designing new packaging for launches, there is precious little time left to take on new challenges like cost savings.  We can step in and work to drive cost out of your packaging spend.  We will always ask to look at your manufacturing or shipping floor so as to analyze the packaging process at your facility.

  • Is there a way to redesign older packaging where perhaps the shipment scenario has changed or shifted?
  • Are there new products that have been launched in the packaging world that we are aware of that can do as good or a better job of containing your product?
  • Are you buying the right products from the right packaging partner? Is the price competitive to the marketplace?
  • Are you analyzing packaging price per item shipped versus what you pay for the raw packaging materials?

How we can help

It’s all in a day’s work.  Our team is well-versed in digging into the details.  Let us turn over every stone.  Let us do the work to confirm that you are using the proper packaging, and help find avenues of cost savings.

True cost savings are often hidden, or overlooked, in the packaging process.  We take it upon ourselves to identify those cost-saving options and then work with you to implement a better solution for a healthier bottom-line.  It’s what we do. And we take it very seriously.

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We’re certain that your company can benefit from one of the three pillars mentioned above. Now is the time. Find out how we can help you build a better packaging process.

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