Packaging strategy…Mitigating the demands

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A little more help here, please…? Making sense of your packaging strategy.

Maybe you’ve come to our site, read through our pages, and complacently wondered why you might possibly need to redefine your packaging processes through packaging consultation or packaging design.  After all, someone developed those processes long before you came to the company.  And as far as you’re concerned, “if it’s not broken, why fix it?”

Or perhaps you’re on the other side of this and you’re wondering why you might need someone to price compare to you. Your position heralds your ability to find and incorporate that best cost.

Well, let me stop you here and tell you… if you’re here and you’ve read this far, chances are pretty solid that you could use our packaging expertise in your life.

Here at Axis Packaging, we’ve taken the packaging 101 courses and developed their counter 500 master level courses. We know that the subject matter of packaging comes with more than just the expectation of price shopping. We know that if you purchase the tape, you expect that tape to hold up.  And you don’t want it to just perform while it’s at your location sitting in your warehouse.  You want it to be reliable in case your box is accidentally dropped, shipped a long distance, subjected to unfavorable weather conditions, or stored in a warehouse with damaging climate controls.  And… let’s face it, you not only want that packaging to hold up through transit, you want it to perform and still look visually appealing when it reaches its destination.  That’s just your expectation.  And what’s more, that’s your customer’s expectation too.

So as if developing a packaging strategy that weathers the myriad of possible shipping kafuffles isn’t a grave enough expectation, you are then expected to somehow ship that product at the lowest possible price.  What does that mean? It translates to developing a packaging strategy that is lightweight, safe, and most importantly, cost-effective. This thinking is exactly why we create our Three Pillars of Packaging platform.

Are you still completely certain that you want to tackle that to-do list alone? And what about the standards you have to meet when shipping?  Is your product hazardous? Does it require any special shipping standards?  That opens an entirely new discussion.

So, just take a deep breath.  Axis Packaging has your back.  We’ve been around this packaging industry and we’ve done our time.  We make it our duty to search out those latest packaging advances.  Let us be the one to put a second set of eyes on your process and bring the suggestions back to you.

Our team collaborates with your team and ensures that we know and understand your goals. Our goal then is to meet and/or exceed your expectations.  That’s who we are, and that’s why we do what we do.

We take this packaging gig pretty seriously.  Because let’s face it, we can only be as successful as long as our customer’s packaging is successful.

So what are you waiting for?  Give us a call now.  We are here to help, and helping is what we do best.


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