Packaging Redesign: Three things your boss wants to know

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In a world where consumers are able to have what they want – when they want it (and at the touch of a button), the competition got really tough.  We get it.  Where you’re at may seem very far away from where you wanted to be – and getting to where you want to be might seem like the daunting, pricey, and time-consuming task.  What you don’t know is that that thought process may not be entirely true.

Your boss cares about numbers. And selling your boss on a better packaging process often means you need to come to the table armed with the facts.

Here are three things your boss probably wants to know about packaging redesign going into 2018:

  1. Is revisiting your existing packaging worth your time?
  2. Can redesigning packaging actually save you money?
  3. Is there anyone you can talk to assess your current packaging operation?

Revisiting your packaging design is worth your time.

“Every year, 95% of new products fail.”  Those aren’t good statistics for the products trying to hit the market.  Why are so many products failing?  Product design.  You spend your time studying the market, then researching your demographics, and finally creating the best version of your product possible.  But then you get to the packaging, and you’ve run out of time.  The problem?  Your packaging is the first line of customer interaction, but it’s received a minimal amount of focus.

Think about, for example, the incredibly successful Tiffanys and Co. and Apple brand.  These companies built success around a well-designed box – and a color.

Their packaging

  1. incites an emotion
  2. conveys a perceived value
  3. serves as a souvenir

before the product is even in the consumer’s hands.  Now THAT is powerful marketing.  

“Consider that more than half of purchases are based on emotions, especially when a client is unsure and must choose between two brands of products.”  Is your packaging getting lost in the sea of “me toos”?  Is your packaging design possibly outdated?

Seth Godin has an interesting way of putting it:  Be the “purple cow” – that one product –  that stands out against the sea of replicas.

Packaging redesign can actually save you money.

Cut material costs, boost your bottom line, retain the amount of efficiency needed for success.  Do those goals sound vaguely familiar?  Answering the questions, “where” and “how” are the critical questions.  Here are three easy places to start.

  • Consolidate, consolidate, consolidate. Take the time to review the SKUs in your packaging process.  Answer these questions:
    • How many locations does your company have?
    • Is there a general set list of products those locations choose from?
    • Are you gaining volume discounts? (and saving money on shipping?)

More often than not, your packaging categories can be consolidated down into one, maybe two, different SKUs.  Do yourself a favor and simplify in 2018.   Not only does the consolidation process simplify your purchasing process, it saves you money. It’s a win-win situation.

  •  Trade out your 2” box sealing tape for a 3” box sealing tape.
    • Ensure security of the seal closing your package.
    • Use less material = produce less material waste.
    • Decrease material costs.
  • Downgauge your current stretch film.
    • Downgauging – using an engineered film that produces the same stretch strength potential as a true gauge film.
    • Commonly referred to as “eco” film or a “hybrid” stretch film.
    • Save money and produce less waste.  Receive the same benefits of true gauge films.

Are you short on time to put some of these tricks into place for 2018?  Then call us.  This is merely the tip of the iceberg on fundamental ways we can help you redesign the process.

Packaging redesign is our forte.

We know it because we’ve done it. We understand that efficient packaging operations hinges on proper assessment, the right materials, and the most cost-productive process. We’ve helped companies all across the country experience substantial benefits in their packaging programs.

Our team is here and ready to talk.  You’ve already given us this much time, what are five more minutes?


If you’re ready to get started, then let’s talk. How about a quick 5 minute chat at 877-410-5564 to discuss things? Or, drop us a message and we’ll reach out to you to get the ball rolling.

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