Pallets:  Shipping on a Secure Foundation

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Pallets are one of the primary building blocks in shipping efficiency.

Did you know? 

  • There are billions of pallets circulating through the global supply chain (2 billion in the United States alone).
  • Pallets carry 80 percent of all U.S. commerce.
  • According to one estimate, pallets account for more than 46 percent of total U.S. hardwood lumber production.”

Statistic: Pallets carry 80% of U.S. Commerce

A pallet, by definition, is a flat structure used as a base for the unitization of products.  Their use ranges from product stacking, storage, moving, and even sometimes general DIY projects.  Products can be secured to a pallet via packaging supplies such as stretch film, shrink wrap, strapping, pallet bands, etc.

The three most important reasons you need to rethink pallets – or the  status of your current pallets – are found below:

First, palletization increases flexibility.

  1. Store, move, and transport product with ease.
  2. Forklifts, pallet jacks, and other material handling equipment increase operational efficiency.
  3. Reduce labor costs.

Palletized products maximize safety.

  1. With reduced manual labor comes reduced worker injury
  2. As a result of the fewer hands to touch the product, there is less risk of product damage
  3. Ensure quick and easy delivery.

Finally, pallets provide a sustainable and reliable shipping alternative.

  1. Customize your pallet to your product or shipping method.
  2. Choose from wooden, plastic, paper, or metal pallets based on your application.
  3. Maximize your product shipping on a given day.

As stated by Mark White, an emeritus professor at Virginia Tech and director of the William H. Sardo Jr. Pallet & Container Research Laboratory and the Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design, “Pallets move the world.

It’s hard to believe that so much of our flexibility, safety, and reliability falls on what seems like a no-questions-asked simple product.  But there is so much more than wooden pallets to consider in your journey to procure the correct product.


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