Proper Product Packaging Design: Three Reasons Why It’s Worth Your Time

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Your packaging tells a story.  How you communicate that story hinges on your packaging design.  Incorporate proper product packaging design into your daily strategy, and you have a win-win proclamation to send to the masses.

Product packaging design hinges on choosing the correct box size, to the choice of void fill you use to protect your product.  Doing it right, the first time has its advantages.

Proper product packaging design conserves.

Through active assessment, product safety now becomes predictable.  Predictability in shipping is golden.  It achieves the following goals for your organization:

  • Minimizes the dollars spent on packaging supplies.
  • Reduces the amount of material waste.
  • Maximizes your current warehouse space.

Consumers want to know that you care about the future of the environment.  In fact, according to Sustainable Brands, nine-in-10 consumers expect companies to do more than make a profit.  Consumers also expect their companies to operate responsibly to address social and environmental issues.

Proper product packaging design leads to optimal shipping advantages.

A customer’s expectation from purchase to receipt is perfection, and nothing less.  Proper product packaging design gives you the ability to test the product through scenarios such as drop tests and shipping simulations.  The ultimate result?

  • Reduced product damage
  • Decreased returns
  • Reduced money spent rectifying problem shipments

A word on customer loyalty.  Repeat customers are the goal.  What is it that creates or inspires consumer loyalty?  Consistency.  Consistency in appearance, and consistency in shipping.  Every time.   I’m sure you’ve been on the receiving end of a delivery that arrived in a box too big. As a result, it required much more void fill packaging than it would had it been packaged properly.  It’s likely that product sustained damages during shipping.  Or maybe the package made it to you in pristine condition.  What was your overall initial thought when you received the package?

Do your packaging standards tell a story of acute attention to detail?

When you stop to think about it, the box that holds your product ultimately is more than merely your shipping vessel.  It is the customer’s first impression of both you and your product.  You need the consistency of proper packaging design.  It produces the positive customer feedback you require.

Proper product packaging design increases administrative ease.

Finally, proper product packaging design significantly decreases confusion.  The hands that touch your product – directly or indirectly – range from purchasing, shipping, and quality.

  • Begin by listing specific packaging instructions.
  • Define a complete list of approved packaging supplies.
  • Provide that list to each location you serve.
  • Hold each location accountable for the same quality standards.

These steps ensure that you achieve the most important goals:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Decreased material costs
  • Predictable shipping costs
  • Minimal return incidents
  • Decreased administrative oversites
  • Increased green awareness

Do you know the true costs of your packaging operations?

At the end of the day, you can rest assured that your administration will thank you.  They’ll thank you for your attention to detail, for maintaining easily tracked quality standards, and your attempt to retain a low bottom line.

Proper packaging design ultimately just leads to higher standards.  It keeps your team making the optimal choices for your product, your customer, and the environment.


If you’re experiencing packaging damage, or have a new product ready for market, now is the time to talk. Our team is ready to listen, dive in and collaborate to help move your packaging operations forward. Let’s get started; now is the time to tackle your packaging problems.


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