Increase packaging productivity with three simple changes

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Manufacturers of all sizes find themselves creating plans to improve production processes and deepen their customer relationships. These plans come in many forms, regardless of the size of the company.  However, in the end, the goal is always cost reduction and the maximization of current assets.

So what are some of the easiest changes you can make starting today to increase your packaging productivity?

1.  Work Space Ergonomics

How ergonomic are your current workspaces?  Ergonomics is a somewhat overlooked aspect of the overall productivity of a manufacturing facility.  Ergonomics, by definition, is “designing the job to fit the person” instead of forcing people – with all their varying physical features – to fit the job.  Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WRMDs) commonly involve injuries to the arms, wrists, hands, and the back. Approximately 33% of all lost workday injuries and illnesses annually relate back to WRMDs.  In addition, reports indicate that companies report over a half million injuries requiring employee time off – with a staggering cost of over $20 billion annually.

Providing ergonomic spaces and equipment for employees to use is reported to increase productivity up to 25%.

How can we decrease the WRMDs of employees?  Use packaging materials and equipment (tools and accessories) in your processes.  For example, the use of lower weight strapping (such as polyester vs steel), or lower weight stretch films (such as eco stretch films) reduce the amount of weight lifted on a daily/hourly basis.  In addition, material handling equipment and pallets provide a similar freedom from the repetitious motion of picking up and moving heavy products.

2. Maximize warehouse space to increase packaging productivity

We all know it to be true.  If you overstock packaging materials, you inevitably tie up too much warehouse space.  Not only that, you start to increase employee time used to inventory the products.  But the opposite is true as well.  Too little packaging materials often lead to ghastly outages, decreased productivity, and longer lead times.  None of those scenarios are good for manufacturing.

So what is the solution?  Just in time packaging is just one of tried and true solutions.  Just in time packaging is often offered by packaging distributors who stock packaging products for customers for a specific amount of time.  Not only does this free up space in your warehouse, it keeps the packaging you need in stock.

3. Packaging consolidation increases packaging productivity

You start out with the main products you need, and then as time goes on, more and more products are added to the list. You may experience shortages of an item, or change your production process.  Either way, your list just became much longer.  You probably know firsthand exactly what I’m referring to.  So what do you do?  And why does packaging consolidation matter?

Take another look at your list of packaging materials.  Do you regularly purchase several different types of boxes?  What about tape and stretch films?

Here’s why it matters:

  • Create a simpler process.
  • Error reduction.
  • Minimized warehouse footprint for packaging materials.
  • Waste reduction.
  • Increased productivity.  Less time managing inventory, more time spent elsewhere.
  • Reduced packaging costs.  Think volume based packaging discounts.

Packaging consolidation is a win-win for everyone involved.

Looking for better packaging productivity?

Packaging consolidation may seem like a daunting task, but it certainly doesn’t have to be.  Our goal is to narrow your packaging down to only those materials that will best fit your application. Need a packaging distributor that can warehouse your packaging materials for you? We can do that. Looking to streamline the process and need to assess your current process to find better efficiency? Yep, we can do that too.

Now is the time. Call us today at 877-410-5564 and speak with a packaging specialist that is ready to work on your goals. Or, learn a little more about why we’re a good fit to help you reach your packaging goals, then fill out our simple form to get started.

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